Thursday, November 23, 2017

Updating Our Home......

 It's been one year now since Kim and I have started on our new journey of RV living......

We absolutely love our lifestyle and don't regret making this move! There is a sense of freedom that comes with this lifestyle that is so liberating....

That being said, no matter where you live you need to make your space your own....

And anyone who knows me, knows that even if I lived in a tent I would be making it my own!

So the time has come to make my roaming house a home!

I have lived with all of the original wood for one year and that is long enough.....

So I absolutely hated the tiles in the kitchen area and needed to get rid of them so I decided to paint them until I'm ready to tackle the project of replacing them. 

I started with the kitchen dining area....

Took out the dining room table since we needed the storage and put in these cubbies. But this is the before for now.

Oh boy, I hated this tile!!! It definately was not my style!!!

Paint lightened up this area...
Notice my view!!! I love our spot!!!

I love how bright the area is now! Can't wait to move on to the living room area....

I also need to steam clean the carpet when I'm done...

I love that I chose to paint the tile!!!
It looks like miniature subway tiles....
My neighbor thought that we installed new counter tops and appliances also but they just look new.

It's amazing what a can of paint will do!!!
These cabinets look so much better painted!

Of course I have to add some color!!!!
My island really is not this bright, it is actually a deeper green but shows up brighter in this picture....

My kitchen is happy now.....

Even my appliances look new with the fresh paint....

Can't wait to move on to the living room area
and the

Stay tuned.....

Monday, November 6, 2017

A New Journey Begins.....Transition To Grey Hair!!!!!

Ok, Everyone who knows me for so many years, those of you who have been in my life since I have been married have seen many changes that I have gone through.....including getting older and fatter!!!

But I'm not that 19 year old that was so tiny and cute anymore.....I'm going to be 61 in January!!!!

Although I don't consider myself over the hill nor do I want to just give up on myself just because I am getting older!

But let's face it ladies, unless we have some miracle or millions of dollars to spend on ourselves then we have to face facts and try to age gracefully!

So I'm embarking on a new journey.......

I have been greying since I was 18 years old and have been dying my hair for almost as long!

I'm tired of dying my hair every week just to keep up with my roots!

So I decided I'm going to take you on my journey with me.......

Here we go!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Almost Home Sweet Home......

Came across this and couldn't resist taking a picture of it because it is so true!!!!

Although we sooooo needed this journey
 to stop
 smell the roses
 so to speak
 recoup from our crazy busy life....

We realize
 there is no place like home...

Although we made so many memories
 made new friends
 visited with old friends....
 our home at Wilderness Lakes, Menifee....

I don't know if I'm ready for the heat.....
 I'm ready to get to work
 perhaps now we can focus on the more important things .....

Until our next journey....

July 17th.....The Good, Bad and The Ugly... Russian River to Oakland to Solvang to Santa Barbara.....

So not all goes smoothly on each trip....
 Kim and I also had our bad days.....

We had to get tires for our rig....
(we bought them in Oregon, cheaper and no taxes)
Looked at the bright side....
did not have a blow out with the old tires!

Staying at South Jetty, Florence Oregon was very tight
 (which will explain the need to make a claim from backing into a tree stump and damaging the front bumper of the truck)
 had no sewer hookup...

Oh and there is Russian River....

Since we had a great time there on our way up to Oregon we decided to stay there on our way back down....


It was very hot there this time.

They were pretty full so we had to climb up a windy hill in which I jumped out of the truck because I was going to have a heart attack going up it!!!

They have no pools (you have to hike down to the river if you want to get wet....which I was not going to do in the heat)!

They had 30 amp that barely worked so we could not use our AC!

And to top it off....

A water main broke
 we had no water for the last full day and night!!!

Couldn't wait to get out of there!!!!

So after staying at the Russian River we decided to head back down and pass through Oakland
 we met Kamron
give him a huge hug
that would have last us until the next visit.

Kamron surprised his dad
 some tennis shoes. 
Kim just loved them and he had a smile
 on his face all day
 while he wore them.

Kim had me to snap a pic of this stadium for his friend Jose.

Just passing through Pismo Beach.....

weather was great but had to move on to Buelton!!

So we settled in to our RV Resort in Buelton near Solvang....

Glad to be here to relax for a few days....

We stayed at the Flying Flags RV Resort
where they have
 paved sites, clean facilities,
50 amps, three pools, cafe, store, cabins, safari huts, vintage trailer site rentals and much more.

Nice place!!!

After recouping for a day from our traumatic journey from hwy 101 and the Russian River
we had to relax.

We drove in to Santa Barbara for the day because it has always been a favorite place to go.


We have to say....


It is NOT that thriving tourist riddled town with all the ritzy shops anymore!

In fact we were really disappointed to see that almost half of the shops were closed for business and the town looked very tired.

Also, there were so many homeless people in the area that we felt like we were in downtown LA!

So we decided to make the best of it
 walked the farmers market that was being held
 right down the middle of State Street.

So since we didn't get to stroll down the boulevard of State Street like in past times....

We decided to go to our favorite spot
The Brewhouse
 Santa Barbara
where we always stop to get their
Raspberry Chocolate Chipotle Cheesecake

But Of Course.....


So much for Santa Barbara!!!!

The only highlight of the day was this beautiful tree
that I had to take a picture of on our way out of town!!!

July 14th.......Homeward Bound......An Adventure down Hwy 101!!!!!

You can not come to Oregon and avoid passing one 
of the many log trucks!!!

Had to snap a picture of a log grave yard on our way out of Oregon.....

Ok, I'm not going to deny that the Oregon coast is absolutely
gorgeous HOWEVER,

I have to be honest.....


Driving the 101 Hwy from Florence to San Francisco

Kim and I would NOT ever do it again
in our RV!!!!


Do Not Be Fooled By These Beautiful Pics!!!!....

Yeah, we thought it would be like this all the way....

but we were fooled!!!!

I'm sure in a car it is a lot more enjoyable
however in an RV
it is hairy!!!

 Narrow Roads
 the road or cliff collapsed and washed out to sea.....
so the road had to go to a one way road.....

(I did a lot of praying....)

And then endless forest and mountain roads
  6% and 7% down grades!!!!


5 Fwy next time all the way!!!!!

I think Kim is over his phobia of bridges now....

So many bicyclist along the way....